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Electronic Cigarettes – The New Smoking

Publish Date: 4/18/2018

two teenage girls blowing ecig vaporsJust a decade ago, electronic cigarettes claimed to be the answer for any smoker who was trying to quit tobacco cigarettes. They quickly became popular with teenagers who saw them as a risk-free alternative to smoking. However, these devices pose real health issues and those who “vape” can easily get hooked on the nicotine found in the fruit and candy-flavored products, especially children and adolescents.

New Mother, New Baby, New Sadness -- Who Knew?

Publish Date: 4/18/2018

Moms and babiesWhat is the most common complication of pregnancy? If you guessed gestational diabetes or hypertension, you would be wrong. The correct answer is perinatal (postpartum) depression.

Women's Health
Shannon N. Lenze

Decoding Cancer Cells and Changing the Future for Treating Patients

Publish Date: 4/18/2018

Dna and cancer cellsWhen you hear the letters GPS, you might automatically think about the navigation system that most of us use to find our way in unfamiliar territory.  However, most people don’t know there is another GPS working to make personalized medicine and tumor profiling a reality for cancer patients. This GPS is Genomics and Pathology Services at Washington University in St. Louis, a clinical molecular diagnostic laboratory in the Department of Pathology & Immunology that uses advanced DNA sequencing technology commonly known as 'next generation sequencing (NGS).’

All in the Family

Publish Date: 4/18/2018

Family of four walking on beach at sunsetYou thought your family was complete, so you had a vasectomy -- but circumstances changed, and now you and your partner would like another baby.  Washington University male infertility specialist, Dane Johnson, MD, is uniquely trained to perform vasectomy reversals in order to give couples a chance at expanding their family.

Men's Health
Urologic Surgery

Field of Dreams for Sports Rehab

Publish Date: 4/18/2018

doctors and therapists standing on turfYoung athletes face many challenges, and when injury hits, it can mean the end of the season for some.  To help those kids get safely back in the game, St. Louis Children’s Hospital has opened the Young Athlete Center – a new interactive physical therapy center to bridge the gap between traditional rehab clinics and the real playing field.

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Child Health
Jeffrey J. Nepple
Mark E. Halstead

“Mommy, Daddy, My Head Hurts”

Publish Date: 4/18/2018

Cute little girl holding her headFor adults, an occasional headache is just a minor inconvenience. But when a child has a headache, parents often jump to conclusions and think about the worst possible diagnosis.

Healthy Living Speaker Series

Publish Date: 4/18/2018

mature happy couple working in gardenIt’s no secret, our bodies change in ways we wish they wouldn’t. Aging bones and muscles translate to daily aches, while diseases interrupt our lives.

It helps to know more about the medical conditions that affect us as we age, and how to treat them.

Washington University Physicians and Delmar Gardens invite you to attend free lectures on a range of medical topics that pertain to the health of people over the age of 60.

Take Heart for a Healthy Pregnancy

Publish Date: 4/18/2018

Handprints forming heart on pregnant bellyCongratulations, you are having a baby! But you also have a heart condition – what do you do next? If you are pregnant and have heart disease, special care is needed during and after your pregnancy.

Women's Health

That Not-So-Healthy Glow

Publish Date: 1/18/2018

Young girl in tanning bedYour teenage daughter is headed to the beach for a mid-winter break and she wants to get a start on her tan at the neighborhood tanning salon.  For the sake of her health, just say no!

Child Health
Lynn Anne Cornelius

Marijuana -- Not as Harmless as You Think

Publish Date: 1/18/2018

Marijuana leaf If you are a frequent pot smoker, or you know someone who is, this article is for you. There is a condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) -- its symptoms are similar to someone who has Crohn’s disease or disease of the gallbladder or pancreas. Washington University gastroenterologist Elizabeth Blaney, MD, answers questions about this condition that doctors are beginning to see more of in their patients.

General Health