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A is for Ankle Arthritis

Publish Date: 7/9/2018

xray of ankleYour morning walks are painful, and you’ve noticed swelling and warmth around the ankle. The pain has gradually increased to the point of severely limiting your activities. Your doctor suspects arthritis in the ankle and referred you to an orthopedic specialist. What happens next?

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Taking the Next Step to Recovery from a Torn Meniscus

Publish Date: 6/14/2017

woman walkingYou weren’t sure when the injury happened -- your knee was stiff and swollen, you had difficulty straightening it, and walking without pain was impossible.  Rest, ice and over-the-counter pain relief did not help. Your doctor suspected a torn meniscus, and the MRI confirmed her diagnosis. What happens next?


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All Knees are not Created Equal

Publish Date: 10/21/2015
Why are female athletes up to nine times more likely to experience an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury than their male counterparts? The reasons lie in the physical differences between male and females -- these differences can put greater stress on a female athlete’s knees during sports that involve quick changes in direction, resulting in more ACL injuries …
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ACL Tears

Publish Date: 4/30/2015

It was a beautiful game-winning catch during a weekend game of touch football, but unfortunately, your knee paid the price for glory. There was a pop and your knee hyper-extended when you landed – a few weeks rest did not help. Your doctor said you probably tore your ACL.

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