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Navigating through the Sea of Health Insurance Terms

Publish Date: 1/18/2018

Health insurance terms can be confusing. Copay, coinsurance, deductible, out-of-pocket maximum – what do they all mean? Here is a quick and easy guide to help you understand the language of health care insurance.

Breath of Fresh Air

Publish Date: 10/12/2017

Woman on mountain breathing fresh air“Life-changing.”  Those are the words a 63-year old female patient recently used to describe the results she experienced after facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Gregory Branham, MD, corrected her deviated septum. For years she lived with a severely deviated septum that greatly impacted her ability to breathe and smell.  While many people can live with small deviations in their septum, there are others who may benefit from surgical intervention.

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Gregory H. Branham
John Chi

Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Publish Date: 10/12/2017

IBD letters on colorful post it notesAbdominal pain, cramping and diarrhea – was it something you ate or maybe a nasty virus? You’d feel better for a while, but when the symptoms returned again and again, you knew something else was going on. After your doctor ruled out other possible causes, diagnostic testing confirmed you had inflammatory bowel disease  or IBD.

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Overtime Win -- Two Orthopedic Injury Clinics are Better than One!

Publish Date: 10/12/2017

soccer team jumping in air celebrating winInjuries are never convenient and most don’t happen during regular doctors’ office hours. That is why Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital have added a second location to its popular walk-in injury clinic – now open in South County!

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Clearing the Clouds of Cataracts -- A Patient's Success Story

Publish Date: 10/12/2017

Dr. Tsai and patentWhat if the world you could see was only as far as how many fingers were being held in front of your face? What if you couldn’t see any letters on the eye chart – at all? What if you could not recognize your wife? This describes Michael Scatizzi, a 53-year-old man who recently came to see Linda Tsai, MD, Washington University ophthalmologist and specialist in cataract surgery.

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Not in Vain -- Treatment Options for Varicose and Spider Veins

Publish Date: 10/12/2017

assortment of women's legsEven the best looking legs want to run and hide when unsightly spider and varicose veins start to make themselves at home. Cosmetic appearances aside, some veins can be painful and even cause other complications. Fortunately, there are excellent treatments available to give you the confidence to show your legs again.

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Varicose Veins

Battling Sickle Cell with World Class Care in Two Locations

Publish Date: 10/12/2017

young African American womanIf you or someone you know suffers from sickle cell, an inherited form of anemia, Washington University physicians want you to know that expert care and support are now more convenient than ever. The Washington University Sickle Cell care team provides exceptional medical care and support -- now in two locations.

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Best Doctors in America 2017

Publish Date: 10/12/2017

collage of doctorsCongratulations to the Washington University physicians that have been placed on the Best Doctors List in America for 2017. Of the 1,287 physicians on the list, one out of every three Best Doctors in St. Louis is a Washington University Physician. 

The Sun's Amazing Disappearing Act

Publish Date: 8/14/2017

solar eclipseUnless you’ve been marooned on a deserted island or living in a cave for the past several weeks, it is impossible not to have heard about one of the biggest astronomical events of the decade.  The “Great American Eclipse”, or total solar eclipse, will take place on August 21, 2017.

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Ophthalmology, Retina
P. Kumar Rao

A Stimulating Approach to Relieve Back Pain without Opioids

Publish Date: 6/14/2017

poppy flowerAs many as one in three Americans suffer from low back pain. Its economic impact is greater than that of heart disease and cancer combined. Doctors who treat patients suffering from back pain are exploring new approaches that help some patients avoid opioid drugs

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Pain Management
Michael Bottros