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Robotic assistance takes most of the pain out of removing rare tumor

Publish Date: 6/13/2019

Sometimes your day just doesn’t go as planned, just ask Neil Schoenherr.

 Neil was at Barnes-Jewish Hospital being prepared for an outpatient medical procedure. He recalls, “I had already been given the relaxation medication and was literally on my way into the operating room. The doctor came out and told me there was a mass on my CT scan, he didn’t know exactly what it was yet, but they couldn’t go through with the scheduled procedure today.”

Benjamin Kozower
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From End-Stage Heart Failure to LVAD to Heart Transplant to Volunteer ... a Patient's Story to Wellness

Publish Date: 4/4/2019

Dr. Itoh and James Brooks, one week after heart transplantJames Brooks lives his life to its fullest. No one would ever guess that his family history of heart disease that took the life of his father and younger brother – came close to taking him.

Listen to the experts to choose the hearing device right for you

Publish Date: 2/18/2019

colorful rainbow peopleFor those living with hearing loss, the ever-changing world of hearing aids and personal amplifiers can be confusing and overwhelming. Washington University adult audiologists are specialists in helping you choose the hearing device that is right for you. With today’s technology, there is no reason to be left out of the conversation.

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Michael Valente

A good night's sleep is more than a remote possibility

Publish Date: 2/18/2019

young man yawning at his deskYou have sleep apnea, and have not had success with your CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure). You might be a candidate for Inspire®, an implantable system you control with a handheld remote, which keeps the airway open during sleep.

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Brendan P. Lucey
Sleep Apnea

Living kidney donor -- giving the gift of life

Publish Date: 2/18/2019

purple flower growing out of asphaltImagine you have kidney failure and need dialysis while you wait for a kidney transplant. Imagine your doctor tells you the average wait time on the transplant list can be three to four years. Imagine one day you get a phone call from your doctor and find out that a complete stranger is donating one of his kidneys to you. Imagine a brand new healthy you.

Best Doctors in America 2018

Publish Date: 10/25/2018

Male and female Washington University physiciansCongratulations to the Washington University physicians that have been placed on the Best Doctors List in America for 2018. Of the 1,357 physicians on the list, one out of every three Best Doctors in St. Louis is a Washington University Physician. 


Publish Date: 10/25/2018

young man looking at computerMyChart is an online patient portal for patients of Washington University Physicians and BJC Healthcare,  Whether you’re at work, on the road, or at home, MyChart allows you to securely access your test results, messages from your doctor and your key medical information. 

Are you going to be a new grandparent? Read this!

Publish Date: 10/25/2018

grandma holding babyYou’ve just gotten the most exciting news from your daughter and son-in-law – they are having a baby and you are going to be a grandmother in eight short months! But then she asked you to see your doctor to get a booster vaccine for pertussis, called a Tdap. Is this really necessary? Or is your daughter just being overprotective?

Shelby Dickison
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Rachel C. Orscheln

Tipping the scales in the right direction

Publish Date: 10/18/2018

weight loss before and after pictures of ElaineThis is the true story of Elaine Lannom. Elaine was tired. She was tired of being overweight even though she exercised, tired of being out of breath, tired of barely squeezing through the turnstiles at baseball games, and tired of her limited choices when shopping for clothes. Elaine was especially worried about the effect her weight was having on her overall health and risk for diabetes.

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Vladimir M Kushnir

C. Diff – When Good Bacteria goes AWOL

Publish Date: 7/9/2018

bacteria in colonNot another trip to the bathroom! Your diarrhea is relentless and the abdominal cramps are severe, you don’t want to leave the house for fear you might have an embarrassing accident. You’ve heard about C. diff, but don’t know much about the condition. Could this be what is causing your symptoms?

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Thomas J. Bartholet