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A Patient Shares her Weight Loss Success Story

Publish Date: 2/8/2017

Andrea walker before and after weight lossFor Andrea Walker, weight loss had been a battle she’d fought for years. She would diet, exercise and shed a few pounds – get frustrated and then quit.  “I was basically healthy, but uncomfortable at my weight. I was concerned that I would start having weight-related health issues. As I got older, I found it increasingly difficult to lose weight.”

Blurred Lines -- Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy

Publish Date: 2/8/2017

blurry pictureYou thought your blurry vision just meant you needed a stronger eyeglass prescription. However, your ophthalmologist diagnosed you with Fuchs’ Corneal Dystrophy – a fairly rare condition that leads to progressive blurred vision due to clouding of the cornea. Naturally, you have many questions about the disease and treatment options.

General Health
Augustine R. Hong

Psoriasis -- It's more than Skin Deep

Publish Date: 2/8/2017

psoriasisPeople who suffer from psoriasis know that is it is an uncomfortable and embarrassing skin disease. It is unpredictable and irritating, and is one of the most baffling skin disorders. It is usually characterized by patches of thick, pink-red skin that may be itchy, dry and covered with loose, silvery scales.

Becca Joy Chibnall
General Health

Make 2017 the Year You Quit Smoking!

Publish Date: 2/8/2017

cigaretteNew Year’s resolutions can quickly go up in smoke, but 2017 could be the year to finally stick to your resolution to quick smoking. Help is just a phone call away for all patients of Washington University physicians.

General Health
Lung Cancer

Is it Time to Consider the Older Adult Assessment Program?

Publish Date: 10/17/2016

Older son with elderly fatherYour dad prides himself on being active and independent – always the life of the party. But lately you’ve noticed he is becoming forgetful, showing signs of depression and is losing interest in doing the things he loves. While life’s later years can be active and satisfying, sometimes obstacles arise. 

Fortunately, the physicians and staff of the Washington University Older Adult Assessment Program provide comprehensive assessments and recommendations for older adults and their families.

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General Health
Geriatric Medicine
David B. Carr

Nerve Transfer may help get You Back in the Game after an Injury

Publish Date: 10/17/2016

Your son was tackled during a football game a few weeks ago and came down hard on his shoulder. Four weeks of rest and rehab did nothing to help the pain and weakness – and now he is unable to move his shoulder or elbow. Your doctor recommended an MRI, which showed a severely torn brachial plexus and nerve damage.

General Health
Amy M. Moore
Nerve Injury
Neurological Surgery
Wilson Zachary Ray

You can't Run from Stress Fractures

Publish Date: 10/17/2016

group of runnersThe half marathon was just a few weeks away, and you were a little behind in your training, so you amped up the distance in your daily runs. This sudden increase in training resulted in severe pain in your shin and you feared the worst, those two words no runner likes to hear – stress fracture.

General Health
Sports Medicine

When Less is More (Lung Function)

Publish Date: 10/17/2016

You’ve been living with emphysema for years, and every year it gets a little harder to breathe. Your doctor has told you about a treatment that sounds radical, but has results that are hard to ignore. He is talking about lung volume reduction surgery and would like to see if you are a candidate.

General Health
Bryan Fitch Meyers
Lung Volume Reduction
Pulmonary Medicine
Thoracic Surgery
Roger D. Yusen

Macular Degeneration -- Thief of Sight

Publish Date: 10/17/2016

It started gradually -- your eyesight was a bit blurred and wavy, and then you noticed objects in the central part of your field of vision seemed to disappear. A visit to your ophthalmologist confirmed you had macular degeneration – now the leading cause of vision loss in Americans, 60 years of age and older.

General Health
Ophthalmology, Retina
Rajendra S. Apte

Looking for a Best Doctor?

Publish Date: 8/22/2016

Congratulations to the Washington University physicians who are on the Best Doctors List for 2016.

Out of over 1,200 St. Louis area physicians on the Best Doctors Inc. list, one in every three BEST DOCTORS is a Washington University Physician. Chosen by their peers, this list identifies outstanding physicians across a range of medical specialties.