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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

For appointments at the Center for Advanced Medicine, call (314) 454-8181.
For appointments at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, call (314) 996-6000

Washington University Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists are experts in providing obstetric services to women with high-risk pregnancies. Patients have access to comprehensive services, including non-stress tests, biophysical fetal assessments, ultrasounds, genetic testing and counseling, nutritional counseling, diabetes education, physical therapy and social work.

Services include management of pregnancy in women:

  • Expecting multiple babies
  • Experiencing pre-term labor or those at high risk for pre-term labor (such as women with multiple babies)
  • Cervical incompetence (a cervix that opens prematurely under pressure of the growing uterus and fetus)
  • With a history of second- and third-trimester pregnancy loss or stillbirth
  • With pre-existing medical conditions, including: congenital heart disease, chronic hypertension, kidney disease, auto immune disorders (such as lupus), organ transplants, clotting disorders and Rh-factor blood disease
  • With uterine abnormalities
  • With fetal anomalies and/or genetic disorders
  • With abnormalities of fetal growth