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The Washington University anesthesia care team consists of specialists who participate in the care of patients ranging from premature babies to older adults.

If you are undergoing surgery at one of the hospitals affiliated with Washington University, the success of your surgery, your comfort and your safe postoperative outcome are our top priorities. Through our innovative research and leading clinical care, Washington University anesthesiology is leading in ways to improve both short-term and long-term outcomes following surgery.

Center for Preoperative Assessment And Planning (CPAP)
The aim of the preoperative assessment and planning center is to inform you about your operation, to assess your risks, to optimize preoperative care, and to develop the safest and most fitting care plan for you. As a patient, your attendance at CPAP will improve your experience before and after your surgery, will alleviate your concerns and will prepare you for surgery.

Pain Management
Physical pain is among the most unpleasant of human experiences. Washington University has made major scientific contributions to the understanding of pain mechanisms and to developing novel methods of treatment.

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Critical Care Medicine
Many patients undergoing major surgery require admission to intensive care units following their surgery. Intensive care units at affiliated hospitals of Washington University are staffed by multidisciplinary teams of experts; many of these are anesthesiologists who provide continuity of care from the operating room to the intensive care unit.

We appreciate that the prospect of admission to an intensive care unit may be intimidating. We make every effort to accommodate families, to promote patient comfort and to provide the highest level of comprehensive care to our patients.

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