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Charl De Wet, MBChB

Professor, Anesthesiology and Surgery
Medical Director, Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit

Specialty Areas

Critical Care Medicine

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Barnes-Jewish Hospital

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Fellowship: Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia, University of California, San Francisco, California 2000
Fellowship: Critical Care Medicine, Stanford University, Stanford, California 1999
Residency: Anesthesiology, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 1998
MBChB: Faculty of Medicine, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa 1990

Publication & Research

Publication & Research

        Hopkins D, Shipton EA, Potgieter D, Van der Merwe CA, Boon, J, De Wet CJ, Murphy J: Comparison of tramadol and morphine via subcutaneous PCA following major orthopaedic surgery. Can J Anaesth 45:435, 1998
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 Hogue, CW, De Wet, CJ, Schechtman, KB, Davila-Roman, VG: The importance of prior stroke for the adjusted risk of neurologic injury after cardiac surgery for women and men. Anesthesiology. 2003 April:98(4):823-9.
 De Wet CJ, Affleck DG, Jacobsohn E, Avidan MS, Tymkew H, Hill L, Zanaboni P, Moazami N, Smith JR:  Inhaled Prostacyclin is Safe, effective and more affordable in patients with pulmonary hypertension, right heart dysfunction and refractory hypoxemia after cardiothoracic surgery.  The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery J. Thorac Cardiovasc Surg  2004, Apr: 127(4): 1058-66.
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Stanko LK, Jacobsohn E, Tam, JW, DeWet CJ, Avidan M: Transthoracic Echocardiography: Impact on Diagnosis and Management in Tertiary Care Intensive Care Units, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 2005, Aug 33 (4): 492-496.

Jacobsohn E, DeWet CJ, Tymkew H, Hill L, Avidan M, Levy N, Bruemmer-Smith: Use of the Patient State Index (PSI) to assist in the diagnosis of perioperative neurological injury and brain death. J. Clin Monit Comput 2005 Jun:19)3): 219-22.

Skidmore K, Jones C,  DeWet CJ, Rouine-Rapp K Cahalan M, Merrick S, Russell I: Flooding the Surgical Field with Carbon Dioxide during Open-heart Surgery Improves Segmental Wall Motion, Journal of Extracorporeal Technology, 38(2), June 2006, p. 123.

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Bharat A, Cunningham SA,  Budinger GR, Kreisel D, de Wet, CJ et al: Disseminated Ureaplasma infection as a cause of fatal hyperammonemia in humans.  Science Translational Medicine 22 April 2015: (7) 284: 1-6.

A Pregnant Woman in the Third Trimester Diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Failure and Severe Lower Extremity Edema.   Helwani, MA, Donnelly, JE, Makan, M, de Wet, CJ  Chest 2016 Oct;150(4): e105-e107.  PMID:   27719826