Patient Portal

Make A Referral

Refer an Adult Patient

For inpatient transfer to Barnes-Jewish Hospital - call the Doctor's Access Line at (314)747-3251 or toll free (800) 252-3627. Assistance is available 24/7.

For outpatient referral - call Streamline Referral at 314-747-1000 or e-mail, a representative will facilitate your patient's appointment to our specialties. If you are  sending patient information via email, please make sure to secure/encrypt that information.  You may also fax the information securely to 314-273-0440. To obtain a free copy of our Guide to Clinical Services that includes our physician listings, office locations and appointment phone numbers, please email your request.

To reach a specialist on-call at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, call (800) 252-3627.

Refer a Pediatric Patient

Pediatric inpatient transfer to St Louis Children's Hospital - call Children's Direct at 800-678-4357. Assistance is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Pediatric outpatient referral -  call Children's Direct at 800-678-4357.  To request a directory of outpatient clinical services at St Louis Children's Hospital, email Children's Direct.

To reach the specialist on-call, please call 800-678-4357.

National Referrals

Call the Doctors Access Line at (800) 252-3627 or for pediatrics, call Children's Direct (800) 678-4357. They will help with medical management and family accommodations, if needed.


For help finding a physician call 314-TOP-DOCS or (314) 867-3627 (Adults) or for children call 314-454 KIDS (5437).