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Nita Kohli, MDNita Kohli, MD 

Nita Kohli, MD is a dermatologic surgeon who specializes in skin cancer, Mohs micrographic surgery, and occupational medicine. Dr. Kohli likes the variety of patients she sees in her specialty. Mohs surgery is the development she is most excited about. This technique removes skin cancer with the smallest margin of healthy skin – conserving as much of the normal skin as possible. By taking only the cancerous skin, the reconstruction of the wound can be cosmetically appealing, at the same time leaving the patient tumor-free and cancer free.

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Weight loss before and after picturesTipping the scales in the right direction

This is the true story of Elaine Lannom.

Elaine was tired. She was tired of being overweight even though she exercised, tired of being out of breath, tired of barely squeezing through the turnstiles at baseball games, and tired of her limited choices when shopping for clothes.  Elaine was especially worried about the effect her weight was having on her overall health and risk for diabetes.  Read how Elaine reached her weight loss goal of 65 pounds through non-surgical weight loss.


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