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Cameron Wick, MDCameron Wick, MD 

Cameron WIck, MD, is a surgeon whose areas of specialty include include otolaryngology, adult and pediatric cochlear implants, head and neck surgery, skull base tumors, otology, neurotology, and ear, nose and throat. Hearing restoration remains the most gratifying and interesting aspect of his practice. Hearing is such a complex process and each patient presents a little puzzle that he gets to solve.  He loves helping patients understand why they have a hearing loss, what type of hearing loss it is, and what he can do to fix it.

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Young family having fun on the basketball court.March basketball and vasectomies? Yes, they do go together.

Is your family complete? Do you love watching college basketball?  If you have been considering a vasectomy as a permanent birth control option, you might wonder why March has become the most popular month for this procedure.


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