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Dane Johnson, MDDane Johnson, MD

Dane Johnson, MD, is a specialist in urologic surgery and male factor infertility. His areas of clinical interest include vasectomy reversal, varicocele, testicular pain and penile curvature (Peyronie’s Disease).

It was during his early training that he saw how taking just a little extra time to fully listen to a patient’s story can set the foundation for a strong patient-physician personal relationship.   These early experiences helped steer him torwards his specialities in male infertility, andrology and sexual health.


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cute boy in car seatAvoid Car Seat Tragedy with Visible Reminders and a KISS

As a new parent, you’ve taken parenting classes, read countless baby how-to books, child-proofed the house with outlet covers and baby gates, you locked up your medicines and installed cabinet locks to keep your little one safe. The last thing on your mind was accidentally leaving your child in the car on a hot day. But it can happen, and the consequences can be devastating.


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