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Amy Cyr, MDAmy Cyr, MD 

Amy Cyr, MD is a surgeon who specializes in hereditary breast cancer risk, breast imaging and breast health.

She began her career as a general surgeon. She enjoyed the tangible result of fixing a patient and moving on to help the next patient – usually never seeing them again. But over time she realized she really liked getting to know her patients and wanted to follow them long-term. Breast surgery allowed her to address a patient’s acute health problems, help that patient and at the same time be there for her in the years to come. 


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woman with sinus headache Don't let a sinus infection blow your day (or week) 

It is that time of year. You thought it was just another cold, but this one just wouldn’t go away. The sinus pain and pressure gave you a constant headache. The over-the-counter cold remedies were powerless to give you any relief. All signs pointed to a sinus infection or sinusitis -- it was time to see a doctor.

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