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Internal Medicine / Cardiovascular Diseases

Linda R. Peterson, MD

Current Position
Associate Professor, Medicine
Division of Cardiovascular Division
Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology

Specialty Areas
Cardiac Rehabilitation

Mailing Address
Washington University School of Medicine
Division of Cardiology
Box 8086, 660 S. Euclid Ave
St. Louis , MO  63110

Areas of Clinical Interest
Cardiovascular disease, reperfusion therapy, heart disease, estrogen therapy, hypertension, coronary artery bypass graft surgery; supervising and interpreting diagnostic tests, such as echocardiograms, stress echocardiograms, treadmill stress test, holter, event and loop monitors.

Board Certification
Cardiology -- Certified
Internal Medicine -- Certified

Patients must be referred by a physician.

Medical Education
B.S.: Georgetown University, Washington D.C., 1986
Medical Degree: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, 1990
Residency: Washington University, Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, 1993
Fellowship: Cardiology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1996
Hospital Affiliations
Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Honor and Awards
Winner, First American Society of Nuclear Medicine/Amerscham Award, 1997

Knowlton 'Incentive for Excellence' Award, Internal Medicine Program, Washington University School of Medicine, 1994

Editorial Responsibilities
Editorial Board Member:
Journal of Women's Health

Editorial Consultant:
Clinical Therapeutics

Selected or Recent Journal Articles
Zheng J, An H, Coggan AR, Zhang X, Bashir A, Muccigrosso D, Peterson LR, Gropler RJ. Noncontrast skeletal muscle oximetry. Magn Reson Med. 2014 Jan;71(1):318-25.

Lyons MR, Peterson LR, McGill JB, Herrero P, Coggan AR, Saeed IM, Recklein C, Schechtman KB, Gropler RJ. Impact of sex on the heart's metabolic and functional responses to diabetic therapies. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2013 Dec;305(11):H1584-91.

Cade WT, Reeds DN, Overton ET, Herrero P, Waggoner AD, Laciny E, Bopp C, Lassa-Claxton S, Gropler RJ, Peterson LR, Yarasheski KE. Pilot study of pioglitazone and exercise training effects on basal myocardial substrate metabolism and left ventricular function in HIV-positive individuals with metabolic complications. HIV Clin Trials. 2013 Nov-Dec;14(6):303-12.

Jiang H, Hsu FF, Farmer MS, Peterson LR, Schaffer JE, Ory DS, Jiang X. Development and validation of LC-MS/MS method for determination of very long acyl chain (C22:0 and C24:0) ceramides in human plasma. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2013 Sep;405(23):7357-65.

Kadkhodayan A, Coggan AR, Peterson LR. A "PET" area of interest: myocardial metabolism in human systolic heart failure. Heart Fail Rev. 2013 Sep;18(5):567-74.

Cade WT, Overton ET, Mondy K, de las Fuentes L, Davila-Roman VG, Waggoner AD, Reeds DN, Lassa-Claxton S, Krauss MJ, Peterson LR, Yarasheski KE. Relationships among HIV infection, metabolic risk factors, and left ventricular structure and function. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2013 Aug;29(8):1151-60.

Cade WT, Spencer CT, Reeds DN, Waggoner AD, O'Connor R, Maisenbacher M, Crowley JR, Byrne BJ, Peterson LR. Substrate metabolism during basal and hyperinsulinemic conditions in adolescents and young-adults with Barth syndrome. J Inherit Metab Dis. 2013 Jan;36(1):91-101.

Peterson LR, McKenzie CR, Schaffer JE. Diabetic cardiovascular disease: getting to the heart of the matter. J Cardiovasc Transl Res. 2012 Aug.

Peterson LR, Saeed IM, McGill JB, Herrero P, Schechtman KB, Gunawardena R, Recklein CL, Coggan AR, DeMoss AJ, Dence CS, Gropler RJ. Sex and type 2 diabetes: obesity-independent effects on left ventricular substrate metabolism and relaxation in humans. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2012 Apr.

Cade WT, Reeds DN, Overton ET, Herrero P, Waggoner AD, Davila-Roman VG, Lassa-Claxton S, Gropler RJ, Soto PF, Krauss MJ, Yarasheski KE, Peterson LR. Effects of human immunodeficiency virus and metabolic complications on myocardial nutrient metabolism, blood flow, and oxygen consumption: a cross-sectional analysis. Cardiovasc Diabetol. 2011 Dec 8.

Lin CH, Kurup S, Herrero P, Schechtman KB, Eagon JC, Klein S, Dávila-Román VG, Stein RI, Dorn GW 2nd, Gropler RJ, Waggoner AD, Peterson LR. Myocardial oxygen consumption change predicts left ventricular relaxation improvement in obese humans after weight loss. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2011 Sep.

McGill JB, Peterson LR, Herrero P, Saeed IM, Recklein C, Coggan AR, Demoss AJ, Schechtman KB, Dence CS, Gropler RJ. Potentiation of abnormalities in myocardial metabolism with the development of diabetes in women with obesity and insulin resistance. J Nucl Cardiol. 2011 May.

O'Connor RD, Xu J, Ewald GA, Ackerman JJ, Peterson LR, Gropler RJ, Bashir A. Intramyocardial triglyceride quantification by magnetic resonance spectroscopy: In vivo and ex vivo correlation in human subjects. Magn Reson Med. 2011 May.

Anderson CC, Gibson AA, Schaffer JE, Peterson LR, Holland MR, Miller JG. Bayesian parameter estimation for characterizing the cyclic variation of echocardiographic backscatter to assess the hearts of asymptomatic type 2 diabetes mellitus subjects. Ultrasound Med Biol. 2011 May.

O'Connor RD, Xu J, Ewald GA, Ackerman JJ, Peterson LR, Gropler RJ, Bashir A. Intramyocardial triglyceride quantification by magnetic resonance spectroscopy: In vivo and ex vivo correlation in human subjects. Magn Reson Med. 2011 Jan 10.

For more articles and abstracts, take this off-site link to the National Library of Medicine Pub Med page for Dr. Linda Peterson.

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