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Pediatrics / Pediatric Hospitalists Medicine

Douglas W. Carlson, MD, FAAP

Current Position
Professor, Pediatrics
Director, Division of Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine
Director, St Louis Children's Hospital C.A.R.E.S.
Director, Pediatric Emergency Service, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Chief of Pediatric Hospital Medicine Programs at St. Louis Children's Hospital, Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Progress West Health Center
Medical Director, Children's Direct Transfer Center, St. Louis Children's Hospital

Specialty Areas
Pediatric Hospitalist
Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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Patients Seen At
St Louis Children's Hospital
One Children's Place, First Floor
St. Louis, MO  63110
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Progress West Healthcare Center
2 Progress Parkway
O'Fallon, MO  63368
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Mailing Address
Washington University School of Medicine
660 S. Euclid Avenue, Campus Box 8116
St. Louis, MO  63110

Areas of Clinical Interest
pediatric internal medicine, especially those diseases and conditions that require hospitalization - burns, high fevers, poisons, infections, dehydration, diabetic ketoacidosis, shock, seizures, meningitis, abuse,  traumatic injuries,

Board Certification
Pediatrics -- Certified
Pediatric Emergency Medicine -- Certified

Medical Education
B.A.: Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois, 1981
Medical Degree: Southern Illinois University, Springfield, Illinois, 1984
Residency: St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, 1987
Hospital Affiliations
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Progress West Health Center
St. Louis Children's Hospital

Selected or Recent Journal Articles
Schor NF, Carlson DW.  Pediatric neurohospitalists: An idea that has come of age? Neurology. 2013 Mar 5.

Carlson DW, Pearson RD, Haggerty PF, Strilka RJ, Abella BS, Gourley PE. Commotio cordis, therapeutic hypothermia, and evacuation from a United States military base in Iraq.
J Emerg Med. 2013 Mar;44(3):620-4.

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N Engl J Med. 2012 Oct 11;367(15):e20.

Srinivasan M, Turmelle M, Depalma LM, Mao J, Carlson DW. Procedural sedation for diagnostic imaging in children by pediatric hospitalists using propofol: analysis of the nature, frequency, and predictors of adverse events and interventions. J Pediatr. 2012 May;160(5):801-806.e1.

Turmelle M, Moscoso LM, Hamlin KP, Daud YN, Carlson DW.   Development of a pediatric hospitalist sedation service: training and implementation. J Hosp Med. 2012 Apr;7(4):335-9.

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Sterni LS, Beck S, Cole J, Carlson D, Turmelle M: A Model for Pediatric Sedation Centers Using Pharmacologic Sedation for Successful Completion of Radiologic and Procedural Studies. J Radiolog Nurs 2008.

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Carlson DW, Devine PJ, Tavaf-Motamen H, Atwood JE. Partial anomalous pulmonary venous return presenting as pseudo-pulmonic stenosis. J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr. 2007 Oct;1(2):119-22.

Carlson DW, Sullenberger LE, Cho KH, Feuerstein IM, Taylor AJ. Isolated ventricular noncompaction. J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr. 2007 Oct;1(2):108-9.

Salerno SM, Carlson DW, Soh EK, Lettieri CJ. Impact of perioperative cardiac assessment guidelines on management of orthopedic surgery patient. Am J Med. 2007 Feb;120(2):185.e1-6.

Whitcomb W, Carlson D, Genato J: A Challenge for a New Specialty: A White Paper on Hospitalist Career Satisfaction, Workload/Schedule (Chapter 5), The SHM Career Satisfaction Task Force, December 2006.

Devine PJ, Carlson DW, Taylor AJ. Clinical value of carotid intima-media thickness testing. J Nucl Cardiol. 2006 Sep;13(5):710-8. Review.

Patterson MD, Boenning DA, Klein BL, Fuchs S, Smith KM, Hegenbarth MA, Carlson DW, Krug SE, Harris EM. The use of high-dose epinephrine for patients with out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest refractory to prehospital interventions. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2005 Apr;21(4):227-37.

For more articles and abstracts, take this off-site link to the National Library of Medicine Pub Med page for Dr. Douglas W. Carlson.

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