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Neurological Surgery

Paul Santiago, MD

Current Position
Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery

Specialty Areas
Neurological Surgery
Spinal Cord Tumors
Spine Surgery - Neurosurgery
Cervical Spine Surgery

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Excellence in Spine Surgery

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Patients Seen At
Neurosurgical Cervical Spine Institute and Spine Center
Center for Advanced Medicine
4921 Parkview Place, Suite B, 6th Floor
St. Louis, MO  63110
(314) 362-3577
Fax:   (314) 362-2107
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West County Office
1040 North Mason Road, Suite 211
Creve Coeur, MO  63141
(314) 362-3577
Fax:   (314) 362-2107
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Mailing Address
Department of Neurosurgery
Washington University School of Medicine
660 South Euclid Avenue
Campus Box 8057
St. Louis, MO  63110

Areas of Clinical Interest
General neurosurgery, spinal disorders resulting from degenerative disease, spondylosis, spondylolithesis, tumors, cancer, inflammatory disease, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, infections, congenital disorders, cervical spine surgery, spinal instrumentation, minimally invasive surgery, thoracoscopic surgery; disorders of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine; disorders of craniocervical junction, head injury, spinal cord injury

Areas of Research Interest
Patient safety and quality improvement in patient care.

Board Certification
Neurological Surgery -- Certified

Medical Education
BSc with Honors: Biology, Stanford University, , 1990
Medical Degree: Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticutt, 1995
Residency: Neurological Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, 2000
Chief Residency: Neurological Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, 2002
Fellowship: Spine in Neurological Surgery, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, 2003
Hospital Affiliations
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
St Louis Children's Hospital

Honor and Awards
Listed in Best Doctors in America, 2009-2013 (Best Doctors, Inc.)

Disclosure of Financial Interests with Industry
Washington University and its physicians are committed to ensuring integrity and objectivity in medical decision-making. Some of our physicians work collaboratively with pharmaceutical or medical device companies to develop innovative ideas and products that can improve health care delivery and clinical outcomes for patients. In some instances, our faculty physicians are paid by these commercial companies to provide advice on product design or to speak about the use of medications, devices, equipment or procedures. These payments may include: a) compensation for consulting and speaking engagements, b) equity, and/or c) royalties for products invented by our faculty. Any payments to Washington University physicians must be based on tangible services and may not exceed fair market value for their work. In addition to disclosure on this web site, physicians earning more than $10,000 per year must disclose their corporate financial relationship in writing to patients when prescribing or using that company's products.

Dr. Paul Santiago reported the following earned financial interests during calendar year 2014. Move your mouse over a header for more info.
Royalties: When a faculty member invents or conceives a new or improved process or product, the company that manufactures the product will make royalty payments to the faculty member. Royalty payments usually are a small percentage of the company’s revenue related to that product.
Equity: Equity is an ownership interest in a company. Faculty members may be paid for their service to a company in stock or the option to obtain stock.
Consulting &
Advisory Boards
Consulting and Advisory Boards: Faculty may be paid to provide expertise to a company by being their consultant, or by serving on an advisory board.
Speaker Fees
Speaker Fees: Companies may pay faculty to speak to professional audiences about their products.
Corelink  Yes $1,000-$10,000  
Zimmer $25,001-$50,000   $25,001-$50,000 
Aesculap   $25,001-$50,000  
To learn more about Washington University's policies on collaborations with industry, click here.

Selected or Recent Journal Articles
Hawasli AH, Buckley RT, Gao F, Limbrick DD, Smyth MD, Leonard JR, Santiago P, Stewart TJ, Park TS, Grubb RL, Dowling JL, Leuthardt EC, Rich KM, Zipfel GJ, Dacey RG, Chicoine MR. Biopsy of the superficial cortex: predictors of effectiveness and outcomes. Neurosurgery. 2013 Aug.

Chicoine MR, Lim CC, Evans JA, Singla A, Zipfel GJ, Rich KM, Dowling JL, Leonard JR, Smyth MD, Santiago P, Leuthardt EC, Limbrick DD, Dacey RG. Implementation and preliminary clinical experience with the use of ceiling mounted mobile high field intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging between two operating rooms. Acta Neurochir Suppl. 2011.

Limbrick DD Jr, Behdad A, Derdeyn CP, Custer PL, Zipfel GJ, Santiago P. Traumatic enucleation with avulsion of the ophthalmic artery resulting in aneurysm-like subarachnoid hemorrhage. J Neurosurg. 2009 Oct.

Kasukurthi R, Ray WZ, Blackburn SL, Lusis EA, Santiago P. Intramedullary capillary hemangioma of the thoracic spine: case report and review of the literature. Rare Tumors. 2009 Jul 22.

Refai D, Dunn GP, Santiago P. Giant cell tumor of the thoracic spine: case report and review of the literature. Surg Neurol. 2009 Feb.

Santiago P, Fessler RG. Minimally invasive surgery for the management of cervical spondylosis. Neurosurgery. 2007 Jan.

Ashley WW Jr, Rivet D, Cross DT 3rd, Santiago P. Development of a giant cervical vertebral artery pseudoaneurysm after a traumatic C1 fracture: case illustration. Surg Neurol. 2006 Jul.

Tredway TL, Santiago P, Hrubes MR, Song JK, Christie SD, Fessler RG. Minimally invasive resection of intradural-extramedullary spinal neoplasms. Neurosurgery 2006 Feb.
Sandhu FA, Santiago P, Palmer S, Fessler RG: Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment of Synovial Cysts. Neurosurgery. 54:107-11, 2004.

Santiago P, Fessler RG: Minimally Invasive Surgery for the Management of Cervical Spondylosis. Neurosurgery. Accepted for publication May, 2004.

Mohit AA, Santiago P, Rostomily R. Intramedullary tuberculoma mimicking primary CNS lymphoma. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2004 Nov..

Mourad P, Farrell L, Stamps L, Santiago P, Fillmore H, Broaddus W, Silbergeld D: Quantitative Assessment of Glioblastoma Invasion in Vivo. Cancer Letters, 192: 97-107, 2003.

Mesiwala AH, Farrell L, Santiago P, Ghatan S, Silbergeld DL: The effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Brain and Brain Tumors. Surg Neurol. 2003 May.

Mourad PD, Farrell L, Stamps LD, Santiago P, Fillmore HL, Broaddus WC, Silbergeld DL. Quantitative assessment of glioblastoma invasion in vivo. Cancer Lett. 2003 Mar 20.

Schuster JM, Santiago P, Elliott JP, Grady MS, Newell DW, Winn HR. Acute traumatic posterioinferior cerebbellar artery aneurysms: Report of three cases. Neurosurgery. 1999 Dec.

For more articles and abstracts, take this off-site link to the National Library of Medicine Pub Med page for Dr. Paul Santiago

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