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Faculty Physicians

Aft, Rebecca, L. MD, PhD Lai, H. Henry MD
Andriole, Gerald, L. Jr., MD Lawton, Jennifer, S. MD, FACS
Austin, Paul, F. MD Lin, Yiing MD, PhD
Awad, Michael, M. MD, PhD Linehan, David, C. MD
Benway, Brian, M MD Lowell, Jeffrey, A. MD, FACS
Bernabe, Kathryn, Q. MD Mackinnon, Susan, E. MD
Bhayani, Sam, B. MD, MS Maniar, Hersh, S. MD
Birnbaum, Elisa, H. MD Manning, Peter, B. MD
Bochicchio, Grant, V. MD, MPH Margenthaler, Julie, A. MD, FACS
Bonne, Stephanie MD Mazuski, John , E. MD, PhD
Boston, Umar, Sekou-Toure MD Melby, Spencer, J. MD
Brandes, Steven, B. MD Meyers, Bryan, Fitch MD, MPH
Brandt, Keith, E. MD, FACS Moley, Jeffrey, F. MD
Broderick, Stephen, R. MD Moon, Marc, R. MD
Brunt, L. Michael MD Moore, Amy , M. MD
Buck, II, Donald, W. MD Munfakh, Nabil, A. MD
Bullock, Arnold, D. MD Mutch, Matthew , G. MD
Chapman, William, C. MD, FACS Myckatyn, Terence, M. MD
Coplen, Douglas, E. MD Mykytenko, James MD
Crabtree, Traves , D. MD Osborn, Tiffany, M. MD MPH, FACEP
Curci, John , A. MD Pasque, Michael, K. MD
Cyr, Amy, E. MD Patel, Kamlesh, B MD
Damiano, Jr., Ralph, James MD Patterson, G. Alexander MD
Desai, Alana , C. MD Puri, Varun MD
Dharmarajan, Sekhar MD Raman, Kathleen, G MD, MPH
Dillon, Patrick , A. MD Rubin, Brian, G. MD, FACS
Doyle, Maria B. Majella MD, MBA, FRCS (I) Saito, Jacqueline, M. MD
Eagon, J. Christopher MD Sanchez, Luis, A MD, FACS
Eaton, Stephen MD Sander, Dawn ANP-BC
Eberlein, Timothy, J. MD Sandhu, Gurdarshan, Singh MD
Eghtesady, Pirooz MD, PhD Schena, Stefano MD, PhD
Fields, Ryan, C. MD Schuerer, Douglas, J.E. MD
Figenshau, R. Sherburne MD Shenoy, Surendra MD
Fox, Ida, K. MD Sicard, Gregorio, A. MD, FACS
Freeman, Bradley, D. MD Silvestry, Scott, C. MD
Geraghty, Patrick, J. MD Silviera, Matthew MD
Gillanders, William , E. MD Snyder-Warwick, Alison, K. MD
Glasgow, Sean, C. MD Strasberg, Steven, M. MD
Grubb, Robert, L. III, MD Strope, Seth, A. MD, MPH
Hall, Bruce, Lee MD, PhD, MBA Symons, William, J. MD
Hawkins, William MD Tenenbaum, Marissa, M. MD
Huebener, Donald, V. DDS, MS, MAEd Thompson, Robert, W. MD, FACS
Hunt, Steven , R. MD Traxel, Erica, J. MD
Husain, Kareem, D. MD Tung, Thomas, H. MD
Itoh, Akinobu MD, PhD Vemuri, Chandu MD
Jim, Jeffrey MD, MS Vogel, Adam, M. MD
Keller, Martin , S. MD Warner, Brad , W. MD
Kells, Amy , F. MD, PhD Weiss, Michael , D. DPM, FACFAS
Kirby, John , P. MD, FCCWS, FACS Wellen, Jason, R. MD, MBA
Klingensmith, Mary , E. MD Winfield, Robert, D. MD
Klutke, Carl, G. MD Wise, Paul, E. MD
Kreisel, Daniel MD, PhD Woo, Albert , S. MD
Krupnick, Alexander, S. MD

Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants

Naidoo, Sybill, D. PhD, RN, CPNP Weinhaus, Emily, B. PA-C

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