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Cochlear Implants in Adults - Costs

We only can estimate of the total cost of cochlear implant services for which you and/or your insurance company will be responsible. These costs are estimated because individuals differ in the services they require.

Will insurance pay for it?

Cochlear implant costs are partially covered by Medicare and many commercial insurers.

Commercial Insurance:
A predetermination request will be sent to commercial insurance providers to determine if the cochlear implant is a covered benefit. If an approval is issued by the insurance company this means that they are agreeing to pay for SOME of the costs associated with the cochlear implant, but typically NOT ALL of the costs. The patient is still responsible for any deductibles, copayments or limitations of the plan related to preoperative appointments, surgery and office visits. Postoperative visits for programming and therapy are considered separate office visits to a specialist and are not bundled into the surgical charges. Therefore, the patient will be responsible for any co-pays.

If the patient is determined to be a cochlear implant candidate by the audiologist based on Medicare’s criteria during the initial evaluation, then Medicare will pay for 80% of the costs associated with the implant surgery and office visits. Therefore, the remaining 20% is the responsibility of the patient.

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