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Cancer Center (Siteman Cancer Center): About Us

The Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center offers patients some of the best cancer treatment options in the world, thanks to its close ties with the world-renowned Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children's Hospital.

FOR ALL APPOINTMENT INFORMATION, CALL (314) 747-7222 or 1 (800) 600-3606 (toll free)

Hours are 8:00 am- 5:00pm (Central Standard Time), Monday through Friday

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The Siteman Cancer Center is one of the largest clinical programs in the country, diagnosing more than 4800 new cancer patients each year. It is the only NCI-designated Cancer Center in the Midwest. Our multidisciplinary teams treat patients with virtually every type of cancer for both children and adults.

Several locations in the greater St. Louis region make first and follow-up appointments more convenient. The main multidisciplinary center is at the Center for Advanced Medicine. Siteman Cancer Center--West County, with medical and surgical oncology, is located in Building 2 at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital. Medical and radiation oncology services are also available at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Peters, 150 Entrance Way.

A South County location opened in January of 2013, providing patient access to initial consultations, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and clinical trials. Surgeons will also provide consultations at the new facility. At I-55 and Buttler Hill Road, the Siteman South County address is 5225 Midamerica Plaza, St. Louis, 63129.

For more information about the Washington University treatment team and process, click on the type of cancer listed below:

Breast cancer: Women seen at the Joanne Knight Breast Health Center at the Center for Advanced Medicine  receive an expedited diagnosis and treatment plan in a personal but professional setting. Medical, radiation and surgical oncologists work together in one setting to attend to breast cancer within days, even hours, after diagnosis.

Cervical cancer: New techniques of minimally invasive surgery, imaging, unique drug treatments radiation are employed by the team of board-certified gyneoncologists. …..

Colon cancer Surgery usually results in a cure if all the cancer, surrounding tissue and involved large intestine (colon or rectum) can be removed as one large piece…..

Lung cancer: Washington University physicians treat an average of 570 new lung cancer cases each year, with a large armory of technology, drugs, radiation and surgical treatment options and access to clinical trials if desirable…

Ovarian cancer: New techniques of minimally invasive surgery, imaging, unique drug treatments radiation are employed by the team of board-certified gyneoncologists. …..

Pancreatic cancer: As the largest midwestern surgical referral center for disorders of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and GI tract, WU surgeons care for patients with malignant conditions of the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, bile duct, stomach and duodenum……

Prostate cancer: Our surgeons perform the nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy (prostate removal) to treat prostate cancer. Over 1,000 prostatectomies are performed each year, providing a very experienced hand. Treatment options for early-stage prostate cancer include brachytherapy (seed implantation radiation.)

  • thyroid and endocrine cancer;
  • head and neck cancer;
  • lymphoma and leukemia (treatments include bone marrow and stem cell transplant ;
  • musculoskeletal cancers;
  • sarcoma;
  • nervous system cancer,including brain, acoustic and spinal tumors;
  • skin cancers, including melanoma;
  • urological cancer, including bladder and kidney cancer.
  • Care is offered through the Siteman Cancer Center by multidisciplinary teams made up of oncology surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and psychologists, among others. Each team of cancer specialists work together to prepare an individualized care plan for every newly diagnosed cancer patient.

    At the same time, clinical researchers are conducting hundreds of trials, all affiliated with the Siteman Cancer Center, which offer patients the latest experimental treatment options. More than 250 physicians and researchers carry out these efforts, and another 500 nursing, administrative and support staff members join in providing cancer care. Please click here if you are interersted in reviewing the list of clinical trials for cancer patients.


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